Pimpin your Motor Cycle


Motorcycle owners would do everything to ride the most badass bike on the streets and make their bikes a true stunning beauty during motor bike shows. This explains why there are a lot of ways now on how to make your motorcycle look cooler using all the modifications and customizations that you can find in a motorbike shop.

Some motorbike owners could go at great lengths to ensure the best performance for their bikes. Transforming and upgrading a street bike could either be done with just a simple tweak like that you can do by yourself, such as putting on cool designer decals or they could either be as complicated as setting up a Dyno tune Speaking of Decal Stickers, these eccentric piece of accessory truly gives a great job in setting off that great look for your street bikes, as if they’re like icing on a cake. And just like an icing, one can get too crazy with the wide selection of fascinating designs out there.

Want to have an improved badass bike? Then don’t settle with fake turbo sounds nor weak engine noises that are most commonly present in factory models. Changing the air filters can do a lot of wonders to your motorcycle because they are a great help in making your engine breathe easier. They are by far, the simplest and cost effective way in giving a deeper sound of your bike.

Who needs a cool bike that isn’t properly balanced? You can actually have more accurate and balanced bike by changing your bike’s front and rear suspension system. But, you also need to ensure that all the suspension adjustments and tire pressure are perfectly in tuned.

A bike modification won’t be complete without altering the exhaust pipes. This is by far, the most commonly modified parts because of the wide range of exhaust pipes that are available nowadays. Now, your bike can get more attention with that robust rumbling sound when you twist that throttle. But, you need to be cautious though in installing the right pipe that is compatible with the engine and air filters to prevent any unexpected problems in the future.
Make your road presence highly felt especially during night time with a projector headlights. These awesome lights make you stand out by giving a unique exterior look for your bike. The best thing about these projector lamps is that, they are simply available for any bike on the market.

The real Badass bikes are not the big and bulky ones. This look actually blows up the sleek look of the bike. One way of getting that slim and clean look for your bike is by getting rid of stock fenders. You can do so much more without these cumbersome fenders and add more stock lights, for instance to get that slick look, which is way better.

Lastly, you can turn your ordinary road bike a true badass bike by changing the Chains and the Sprockets. Not only does it make your bike more durable, it also goes a long way in delivering an increased quality power output to your bike whether it’s from high end to low end.
Do you personally think that it’s worth investing every dime in a badass bike or is it much better to save up for a newer and meaner bike?