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Ninja 2016

There’s one main event brewing in Oklahoma that Biker’s and Motorcycle enthusiasts will definitely add to their bucket list. The Motorcycle Haven in Oklahoma is a memorable journey that will let them see their dream bikes for real. The Eville Twin will be one with the many Motorcycle Bike companies who will treat Bike Enthusiasts to a sumptuous feast for their eyes, for the annual big motorcycle show event, “The Tulsa Chill” in Oklahoma City.
This year, we will become one of the major sponsors of the biggest Open House Motorcycle Show event in the history of Oklahoma. Bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts alike will mark their calendars for this event. This will surely be a day that they will all look forward to and even call the best time of the year for bikes.
Who’s the Eville Twin?
Eville Twin is one of the largest traders and dealers of motorcycle bikes online, based in Oklahoma City. Professional dealing and trading with various kinds of big bikes that ranges from classical bikes, trikes, to the full bodied big and mean bikes for rough riders is true a mark of their expertise. Their online web site has helped thousands of customers online in finding the bike of their dreams.
This year, the Tulsa Chill event will be a bigger and a better one as they continue to showcase the largest variety of New Motorcycle and Car Models. The Chill is always an exciting motorcycle show that fosters a friendly atmosphere for local exhibitionists and motorists who wants to go all out in showing their bikes that are dressed to impress. There are several halls inside the showcase room that are filled with cars from different blends of dealers and traders, truly a must see for a classic enthusiast. If you want to keep up with the latest buzz in the powersports, news and events that are happening in the industry today, the Chill is your main source for first hand and fresh news.
This exciting and big event will kick off with a lively entertainment made up of many musicians and bands playing different kinds of genre. Aside from the mini concerts of bands, there will also be different contests such as the Car and Stereo Contest and also a Pin up Girl Contest to keep exhibitors and spectators busy throughout the event.
You may reach out Eville Twin for any advanced tickets and bookings and more information about the big motorbike event.

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